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Fleek LLC originally conceived SLY and is in charge of distributing its open source code and interfaces. SLY is fully open source; however, this does not provide access to the SLY brand and image trademarks/licenses.

We take the usage of our brand and service trademarks very seriously, as it is our responsibility to ensure all SLY users whether Fleek LLC is the entity behind a service or website; and that the resources, platforms, services, and open source code/software that is shared represents unmodified SLY software.

These trademark policies affect the SLY brand, and associated image, logos, websites, and content.

You are allowed to:

(Without explicit concent)

  • Use SLY's brand or trademarks to refer or link to official and up to date resources, open source repositories, interfaces, or SLY services.
  • Use SLY's brand to refer to community-driven modifications or updates, specifying its original source and derivation from SLY's original resource.
  • Use SLY's image and logo to communicate, inform, or share information (as an external, non affiliated source) regarding SLY and the Open Internet Services’ functioning.
  • Use SLY's logo on integrated software or Internet Computer applications to specify an integration to SLY's services, or link to them. Which doesn’t in turn imply an official sponsorship or endorsement from SLY, which can’t be claimed without permission.
  • Use SLY's brand and trademark.
  • Use SLY's logos for the aforementioned uses, without modifying them other than in scale.

You are NOT allowed to:

  • Use SLY's branding, image, or trademarks on fraudulent websites, services, products, software or open/closed source code of any type.
  • Use SLY's brand or image as your own, have it overshadow your own brand, or intend to deceive users to believe a non-affiliated brand or product is SLY (similar names, modified but similar imagery, etc.)
  • Use SLY as a claimed sponsorship, endorsement, or claim any type of unauthorized affiliation (such as creating fake profiles, alleged partnerships or products), utilizing SLY's trademark and brand.
  • Modify SLY's brand and trademarks.
  • Commercialize or distribute SLY's brand, image or logo in any shape or form.