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Welcome to SLY

SLY is an open source, collaborative, and friendly CLI for developing on the Internet Computer. Providing abstractions, templates, and tools to kick-start and speed-up Internet Computer development.


This is an early version of SLY ✨ and more features are in development, anyone is welcome to contribute to build a friendly CLI tool for the IC that helps provide templates, streamlined flows, and abstractions when it comes to canister development and more!

🧰 Getting Started with SLY

To get started with SLY, you visit our getting started section and start by installing SLY in your system. You can find different guides for SLY's use cases, as well as the different utility tools it provides, on the menu to the left or in this section below:

  1. Install SLY
  2. Prepare a Project
  3. Create Local Replicas
  4. Manage Identities
  5. Interact with Canisters

Utility Tools

There are several utility tools that SLY provides to help either abstract development flows of the IC, improve its performance, or help streamline it with examples and templates.

  1. Candid Utility Tools
  2. WASM Optimizer