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SLY - Interacting with Canisters

SLY - Interacting with Canisters

Using SLY, you can make update or query calls to canisters, this calls can be directed to the local or main net by providing the top level --network=ic/local option, you can also provide any arbitrary http url for the --network option. By default, the local network is used.

Note: The commands described here are subject to change in near future.

Update calls

sly --network=ic call --candid <CANDID> update <CANISTER-ID> <METHOD-NAME> [ARGUMENT]

Use this structure to make an update call to a canister. Use sly call -h for more help.

Query calls

sly --network=ic call --candid <CANDID> query <CANISTER-ID> <METHOD-NAME> [ARGUMENT]

Use a command like this to make query calls.